The beginning of a new chapter.

When you think about pregnancy what do you think?

What about the overwhelming moment when you see those two little pink lines on the test, the very first ultrasound, the beautiful rhythm of the heartbeat, telling family and friends the BIG NEWS, the gender reveal, creating a picture perfect nursery, the baby shower,the growing belly, the anticipation of going into labor, the horrible pains of labor and delivery, the indescribable feeling of love once you hear the baby’s first breath, and last but not least the feeling of being able to take your newborn baby home to start your beautiful family.

When you think about motherhood what do you think about?

The car ride home from the hospital in the backseat making sure your baby is safe, the awe moment when you arrive home and settle in, the happiness from family and friends who come to meet the new member, the sleepless nights that soon arrive, taking your baby to the doctors, watching your baby achieve milestones as they grow, and loving your baby with unconditional love.

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – Wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities”     -Eda J LeShan


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